What’s New in Contractors.es – New Features and Improvements for Construction Companies

The Contractors.es app, a tool for managing construction companies, has recently been updated with several new features that significantly improve organization and control over construction projects. These updates aim to facilitate daily tasks, improve team communication, and increase transparency in documentation management. Below are the key updates.

New Stages in Construction Projects

One of the most important updates is the addition of new stages for preconstruction documentation and contracts. Users can now track the various phases of documentation creation and the status of contract signing with the client. The new stages are:

  • Contract agreement prepared
  • Contract agreement signed
  • Pre-construction documentation pending
  • Pre-construction documentation in progress
  • Pre-construction documentation completed
  • Pre-construction documentation verified
  • Pre-construction documentation sent to the customer
  • Pre-construction documentation approved by the customer

With these stages, project management becomes more transparent, and every team member knows exactly what stage the documentation is in and whether the contract has been signed.

New Fields for Assigning Specialists

Another significant improvement is the ability to assign specific specialists to a project, such as an architect, engineer, and legal support. Adding these fields allows for better organization of the project team and easier management of responsibilities. Now, each project can have clearly defined individuals responsible for specific aspects, which significantly speeds up communication and task execution.

New Indicators for Records

To streamline activity tracking within the system, Contractors.es has introduced new indicators that show whether a logged-in user has viewed a record since it was created or last edited. The new indicators are:

  • Unseen – The record has not yet been viewed by the user.
  • Updated – The record has been updated since the user last viewed it.

These indicators help users easily identify which information is new or updated, allowing for more efficient time management and prioritization.


The updates in the Contractors.es app aim to make managing construction projects easier through better organization of documentation, assignment of responsibilities, and increased system transparency. The new stages, fields for assigning specialists, and indicators for records are features that will undoubtedly contribute to better management of construction companies and project execution. We encourage you to explore these new features and integrate them into your daily workflow.