Registers projects, which are customer inquires and ongoing repair and construction works. Allows to archive documentation, e-mail messages and all other information related directly to project. An integral part of program for construction company without which, all other system features do not have the right to be.

Cost estimating

Generating offers

Working time control

Costs control

Work planning



Cost estimating and offers

System makes possible to create cost estimates and offers, based on job scope made in project. Costs can be counted automatically, based on predefined job scopes database. It's also possible to add additional costs, that have arisen during project realization.


This tool makes possible to plan and control jobs for workers on the construction site. It's a solution easy to use, helping us to allocate specific jobs for workers or subcontractors and also to assign them to projects.

Issue registry

It stores data about reported issues, arisen during construction works, renovations and installation works. This tool is divided into two modules: general issues and also issues with weather making work impossible.


Creates reports based on data gathered in the system. These are statements related to project financial or time balance, employees' salary or subcontractors pay rate.


Standard invoices as well as advance and final invoices for projects estimated and settled according to time and material method.

Register of contracts with subcontractors

Register of contracts signed with contractors.

Sales purposes

Allows to specify sale goals for employees responsible for getting new contracts. Thanks to it we can analyze future and ongoing financial goals.

Material verification registry

A tool required mostly for architect and engineer to check if proper materials are going to be used in project. Module stores records related to verification if a product chosen to project realization meets it's requirements.

History of changes in job scopes

Gathers and stores data related to changes in scopes of planned works on the construction site and associated costs.

Planning and recording control visits

Registers planned and ongoing visits on the construction site.Visits of that type are being carried out by workers of supervision of investment implementation.

Information requests

Gathers records containing information requests, which are being used in construction in purpose to explain all possible doubts or to fill up information gaps found in any specifications, plans, contracts or other documents.



It's a tool meant for tasks, meetings or phone calls planning. Doing it in is easy and enjoyable thanks to clear and simple yet very functional interface.

Companies database

Gathers information about co-working companies. These may be renovation, installation, tool servicing and material supply companies.

Contacts and employees database

Stores records of employees or persons related to other companies with whom business contacts have been established.

Meetings, phone calls, tasks

CRM saves events, phone calls and meetings entered by you here to prevent them from being missed in the future. Allows you to see your calendar and also the one of a team under your supervision!


Equipment database

It's a registry of equipment witch stores information like: state of usage counter, service requirements, supplier or cost of buy. Helps to maintain control over equipment. Equipment database is a very important part of construction company management software.

Equipment rental registry

The module that handles equipment rentals and returns. Makes possible for the fact of equipment being rented by workers and companies as well, to be registered.

Service events registry

Registers service events, costs of repair, reasons of damage and documentation.

Equipment requests

Allows to submit requests for devices needed for construction works realization.


Material database

A warehouse module that stores a registry of materials purchased for the implementation of construction orders. It supports minimum stocks and expenses with the possibility of assigning them to the project.

Inventory usages

Our program is equipped with a warehouse module, which supervises the materials that were used to execute orders and records the process of spending the materials.

Inventory requests

Inventory management in is easy and fun. The module collects a list of materials needed to carry out construction, electrical, renovation, installation or finishing orders.

Inventory purchases

The material purchase registry allows you to collect information on the costs, dates and the purchased materials destination.




Project management


Mobile application

The free package allows 5 users to work. For more users, see the cost calculator.