Changes in projects module – now it has more features, new applet on the dashboard, and much more

Changes in the scope of work and the ability to send a proposal directly from the system.

The first stage of work on this feature has been completed. You can now generate and send a quote directly from the system. The offer is created based on the project scope of works and the costs specified in the project. Moreover, after sending, the system will automatically change the project status to “offer sent” and allow you to schedule a phone call about the sent proposal.

In addition, we have introduced a number of useful changes in defining the scope of work (administrative module). Until now, only individual amounts and times could be specified. Now you can also specify the unit, the rate per unit, and the time needed to do one unit. When creating the scope of work in the project, the system will automatically calculate the values.

Defining the deadline of submitting bids and the date of the invitation to bid.

Currently, when creating a project, the fields are displayed under the option to select the current status. At the time of editing the project, the fields are available in the “Estimating” tab.

New dashboard applet: Projects ITB Received

The applet will help you supervise projects for which a proposal should be submitted. Displays a list of projects with a specified bidding date.


New features of the “Changes Orders” module.

The extensive update also applies to the “Changes Orders” module. At this moment module allows adding more detail in Estimating changes. We can add materials from stock and the costs are automatically taken from the last purchase record.

Fixes to existing functions.

In addition to the novelties mentioned, the system has been enriched with many minor corrections in the projects and surveys module.