We are working on additional features of construction modules

nowości contractors.es

We are currently working on new functionalities for the construction module. Below you can find some information about new products that will be available in the system soon:

  • Control visits – it will be a register in which visits, audits at the site of construction works will be planned. Due to the variety of such events, we will allow you to add different types of visits, statuses and duration.
  • Contracts – register of contracts with subcontractors
  • Reports – place where reports and indicators are generated based on the collected data in the system.

As of today, all works are carried out according to plan. We plan to publish new functionalities in the last week of March. In addition to new functionalities, we have also added a few fixes and corrections within the CRM and warehouse modules, improving the work with the system.

I would like to tell you that the Contractors.es system is based on many years of experience of management. Our team is not only programmers and testers. They are also people from the construction industry with many years of experience.