Materials in the scope of works and additional filters in applets for the accounting department

The second stage of changes in project estimating is behind us! Now you can attach a more detailed list of materials with costs to the scope of work.

The new “Materials” or “Additional materials” section is available in the “Estimating” tab when editing or changing the project status. it is also available in the “Changes in projects” module.

The section allows you to add material with any name or material directly from the inventory.

For stocked material, the price per unit is automatically suggested based on the last purchase amount.

Additional filters in applets: Projects, Changes in projects

To make your work even better, we have added additional filters to these applets. The sales department in your company will receive a full list of projects which an invoice should be issued.

Filters are available right after adding the “Projects” or “Change orders” applet. We have marked the additional fields with a red arrow in the screenshot below.

In the configuration below, only projects with the “Completed” status and for which the final invoice has not yet been issued will be visible.