Store required materials directly on projects

a shelf filled with lots of different types of bricks, the comprehensive software platform designed for construction, installation, and finishing companies, has recently added a new feature to its system. Users can now store materials and products directly on projects, allowing for more efficient management of inventory and reducing the risk of over-ordering or under-ordering supplies.

The new feature enables users to add materials to a project, with the ability to track and manage inventory levels in real-time. This means that project managers can easily monitor the availability of materials and ensure that they are ordered in a timely manner to avoid project delays.

In addition, allows users to easily transfer unused materials to a central warehouse or other projects. This feature reduces waste and helps to optimize inventory levels across all projects, ultimately saving time and money for the construction company.

With this new addition, continues to provide a powerful tool for construction companies to streamline their workflows and optimize their operations. By combining CRM and ERP system models with features such as project tracking, financial management tools, and reporting and analytics tools, offers a comprehensive solution to the unique needs of the construction industry.