Contractors – Enterprise System – mobile application for field employees

black and white smartphone case software is designed to help construction companies streamline their operations and optimize their workflows. One of the key features of the platform is its ability to track project progress and working times, enabling construction companies to monitor their projects and improve their communication and collaboration with field employees.

With, field employees can log their working times using the mobile app or web browser, providing project managers with real-time data on the progress of their projects. This allows project managers to monitor the performance of their field employees and identify areas where improvements can be made.

In addition, provides a range of communication tools to improve collaboration between field employees and project managers. Through the mobile app, field employees can receive real-time updates on project status, deadlines, and other important information, ensuring that they are always up-to-date on the latest developments.

Moreover, offers a centralized platform for project management, enabling project managers to monitor the progress of their projects and ensure that field employees are working efficiently and effectively. By providing real-time data on project progress and working times, enables project managers to make data-driven decisions and optimize their operations.

The ability to track working times and improve communication with field employees is critical for construction companies looking to streamline their operations and optimize their workflows. With, construction companies can improve the performance of their field employees, reduce project delays, and improve profitability.

Overall, provides a comprehensive solution to the unique needs of the construction industry. By combining CRM and ERP system models with features such as project tracking, financial management tools, and reporting and analytics tools, offers construction companies the tools they need to improve their workflows, reduce costs, and improve profitability.