Documents workflow

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What is document workflow in a company? Let’s take the example of evaluation and purchase of any product:

  • the person responsible for purchasing searches for products that meet the initial requirements
  • we collect quotations, offers, or simply prices for these products
  • at this point, the person with technical knowledge should verify whether the products in the quotes actually meet the requirements
  • sometimes the boss or someone else must give final approval of the purchase
  • order is placed, which must be paid by accounting or the boss on the basis of a Pro-forma or final invoice

Several people are involved in the above procedure. If this procedure is carried out without IT system, mistakes and delays may occur. Therefore, in the Contractors – Enterprise System, we have introduced a system of document acceptance whose steps are freely configurable. You can enter many categories (e.g. purchase of equipment, concluding contracts) with different steps. Moreover, it is possible to link documents and e-mails to specific records in the system, e.g. an invoice for the purchase of materials can be linked to this purchase so that we keep order and easily find the document we are interested in.