A warehouse of equipment and inventory is now available in the system

We can officially announce that we have finished work on the equipment warehouse. Work on it took several months. We consider it to be one of the most important parts of Contractors.es.

The interface is easy to use and uncomplicated, which makes working with the module much easier. In addition to the basic register of equipment or materials, we have created additional functionalities that are necessary for construction companies such as: installation, renovation and finishing companies. Our magazine will surely prove useful

In the part for handling the equipment warehouse we have created additional solutions:

    1. Rental register – supporting the rental of equipment from the warehouse by both the employee and external companies.
    2. Deferment of the return of the rented equipment – Register of applications o changing the date of returning the equipment when it is not possible to return it within the original date.
    3. Equipment service – that is, equipment service / register
    4. Equipment receipt – generates applications / requests for equipment collection, e.g. one that cannot return from the construction site on its own
    5. Equipment requirements here you can submit applications for equipment that is needed for execution of tasks on the construction site.

Twin module – material warehouse is a place in the system where information on the condition of materials needed for construction is collected. Similarly to the equipment warehouse, additional functions have been implemented in it:

  1. Material expenditure – registers material expenditure and assigns it to projects / construction works
  2. Material requirements – material requirements are entered here, needed to execute orders.
  3. Purchase of materials – register of material purchases