Secure two-step login (2FA)

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We introduce the possibility of securing your account in the application through two-step authorization.
To secure your account, go to your user’s settings:

Then select the 2FA option:

Scan the generated QR code in one of the supported applications and confirm the setting by entering the one-time code in the field below:

From now on, the application will require the current one-time code each time you log in or when logging in on a different computer than usual.

We support the following apps:

  • Authy for iOS, Android, Chrome, OS X
  • FreeOTP for iOS, Android and Pebble
  • Google Authenticator for iOS
  • Google Authenticator for Android
  • Google Authenticator (port) on Windows Store
  • LastPass Authenticator for iOS, Android, OS X, Windows
  • 1Password for iOS, Android, OS X, Windows