Employee costs and billings, new reports and statements

New week – new features!

Last weekend, we finished testing new features. Reports of labor building costs, and the financial balance of the project are now available in the system. Below we present the changes that took place:

Configuration of employee costs in the administration module

The administrative settings module at the “Admin / Contractors / Scheduler settings” level has a new configuration option related to the range of hours and the additional salary percentage. That can be configured for each day of the week. Thanks to this, the system will automatically calculate the cost of additional and night hours.

Custom hour rates

Hourly rates

Another change necessary for the correct calculation is the possibility of determining the gross rate of work. These changes apply to the form available in the contact edition in the “HR” tab. As you can see below, you can now set one general rate, regardless of the scope of work.

Of course, we have also not forgotten about employees who have different hourly rates in relation to the scopes of work. They are determined in the “Custom hour rates” section. It should be remembered that non-standard hourly rates have a higher priority in the system, which means that the system for calculating costs will first check whether an individual rate has been assigned to the scope of work. In practice, it will look like the system will calculate all work scopes not included in the list of non-standard hourly rates based on the general rate.

Overtime and night work rates

Another new section is within the contact edition and the “HR” tab. It is possible to assign individual percentage rates for overtime and night hours. When you turn on “Non-standard percentages”, we get additional fields, which are supplemented with the default values currently in force in the system.

Subcontractor hourly rates or subcontract amount in labor costs

If a subcontractor is involved in the project and such cooperation has been registered in the system by adding a contract with a subcontractor, the system will add value to the labor cost. If the contract with the subcontractor is TM type, the settlement is carried out individually according to the current number of work hours.

Assigning work to employees

It may be necessary to enter the presence of an employee who has not logged in to work himself via the mobile application. There is the scope of work field in the scheduler event form, so it will be used in such case. Additionally, this type of work will be selected by default in the mobile application on clock-in.

We can also assign a one-time “Custom salary percentages”, which will apply only to the currently added work assignment (individual arrangements with the employee as, for example, an additional incentive bonus to quickly finish work on the project). This setting does not affect configuration changes in the administration module or at the contact settings level.

New reports related to the project balance and employee costs

The Contractors.es system has been equipped with new reports and summaries. They are available in the “Construction / Reports” module.

Employees Salary Report

The data in the statement is calculated by the system on the basis of feedback from the mobile application and information supplemented in the work planner or event overview. The statement takes into account the hourly and percentage rates for each employee, multiplies them by working hours and presents them in a clear table. Each row can be expanded to display more detailed information.

Projects finance balance

The long-awaited report is now available, where you can combine cost information such as:

  • Percentage of completion
  • The agreed amount of the contract including the amount for changes during construction
  • Current costs: labor, materials and more
  • The current balance sheet, i.e. the profitability of the project

As in the case of the previously described list, the report allows you to view detailed information. By clicking on the value at the height of the appropriate column, a sub-table with data related to the indicated column will be expanded.

Any overruns are marked either in light red (budget overrun) or orange (budget overrun in relation to the “percentage of completion”). In the screenshot above, we see an over-budgeted project.