Can you afford the lack of construction company management software?

Nowadays, small companies are trying to make good use of their time, which is after all limited. The only way to high efficiency, effectiveness, is to take the course of being well organized and controlled. In this way, you gain a lot of valuable time that can be spent on the implementation of new orders and the development of your own company.Answer the following questions and assess yourself if you can afford the lack of software for managing a construction company:
  • Is the work plan optimal and employees know their daily tasks and responsibilities?
  • Do you know the number of hours employees have spent on the scheduled work?
  • Is the assumed work plan carried out on time?
  • Are employees punctual and do not generate delays?
  • Which is the cause of the implementation delays. Maybe the weather? Or maybe another subcontractor did not deliver the materials on time or his work is prolonged?
  • Do you have a complete set of materials for order fulfillment?
  • Is there equipment to carry out the assigned tasks?
  • Were the hours of construction, renovation or installation exceeded?
  • Does the employee still have vacation days?
  • What tasks are planned for the coming week for you and your employees?
  • Has the offer been sent?
  • What is the order fulfillment status and work progress?
  • Do you have an archive of customer correspondence?
All of the above questions are answered by when you work with it! will help you with the following tasks:
  • Organization of tasks and customer contact archive
  • Store information about the status of materials and equipment
  • Store information about rented equipment by employees or subcontractors
  • Create construction, renovation or installation quotes (projects with “quote” status in the system)
  • Coordinating the status of projects from quote through work in progress to completion
  • Log problems reported by field staff
  • Log weather problems delaying work
  • Generating reports
  • Supervising the time and place of work of employees through a mobile application
  • Collection of daily reports
  • Archive of important e-mails
  • Store a history of phone calls and other activities
You can start using it now. For small businesses, up to 10 users, the program is free forever! Above predictable monthly costs. You can check them in the price list available on the website.